1. How do I pay my lesson fees?

Lessons are paid monthly and are due the 1st of each month. They can be paid in person or by mail. You may pay by cash,  check,  or money order.    ( Call for specific lesson fees. )

2. Are there specific dress and hair requirements?  Yes.

Attire:  Female students must wear leotard and tights, unitard, or dance pants and a stretchy top. Male students must wear T-shirts and dance pants or shorts.

Shoes:  Specific manufacturers and colors are required. Check with an instructor.

Hair:  Hair should not fly in your face or over your eyes while dancing, turning,  leaping  etc.   Hair should be pulled back at the sides and off the forehead.  Suggestions >  wear poly-anna style,  ponytail,  updo,  barrettes. 

3. What if I miss a lesson?

Please call to let us know if you are going to miss a lesson. After 2 missed lessons you may schedule a free make-up lesson.

4. Do you have a Waiting Room?  Yes.

Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting room while their child is in class. If a student is dropped off, the student is required to stay in the waiting room before and after class until their transportation arrives. No student may leave the premises without their parent’s permission!

5. Do you have a Dance Recital?  Yes.

We have one annual recital that takes place around the end of the school year. Participation is not required, but we do have one every year because that is what the majority of my students and their parents look forward to and prefer.

6. Do you spend the entire year working only on the Recital dance?  No

We spend part of the lesson on technique, part on center floor movements, and part on choreography.  We teach a practice dance in the fall which we conclude at the holiday break.  Then in January ..... the majority of our students start on their Recital dance. Even then ...... part of the lesson is still spent on technique. The exception is our advanced by invitation only Lines who begin sooner. 

7. When is the annual Dance Recital and where is it held?

It is held at:     Centerville H. S. Performing Arts Center

                                        Sunday  *  June 3, 2018

                                          Curtain   *   3:00 pm


                                   " Special Invitation "

Student's who are interested in taking lessons at "Wendy's" but are not sure what type of dancing they want, are invited to attend our annual  Dance Recital.   Please contact Miss Wendy to make arrangements to attend   Free of Charge.

       Seeing all the styles we offer may help you decide.

                    Sunday  *  June 3, 2018   *   3:00 pm


8. Are there other special dates to remember?

Yes.  They are ......                                                                            Thanksgiving vacation  >  Closed  Nov. 23  thru  Nov. 26,  2017       Christmas & Holiday vacation  > Closed Dec. 22, 2017 thru Jan. 2, 2018 Recital Pictures taken  >  Saturday  May 12, 2018                                     Dress Rehearsal  >  Sat. June 2, 2018  ( Recital is Sun. 6-3-18  see above )

9. When do the "Fall Classes"  begin?

The new fall season starts the end of August this year.                                 Fall classes start .......   Monday  August 21, 2017.

10. Do you have an  "Open  House"?

Yes.  It is > Saturday & Sunday  *  August  12 + 13   2017  *  1:00 - 3:00 pm